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GPS Dog Collars, How Do They Work?

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In the modern marketplace for pet related products, modern technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in what had once been a very low technology market niche.

After all, a dog bed does not need the most scientifically advanced materials to make a dog happy, there’s only so much agricultural science you need to make cat food and even taking care of exotic lizards rarely calls for more than climate control and specialized lighting equipment.

Still, technology does march on and recent advances in digital telecommunications technologies have finally made an impact on the pet product market. One innovation of note is the GPS dog collar, which you can use to track your dog or cat with.

A GPS dog collar (or cat collar) is a simple dog collar with a GPS tracking device embedded in it. These devices remotely connect to a public access satellite network that enables properly equipped devices to be tracked nearly anywhere on the planet. One of the most popular devices is the Whistle gps dog collar.

This is the same technology behind the average GPS navigation systems that are becoming so common these days, but built into a smaller and more durable package to account for the nature of the average dog. Because these creatures are so rambunctious and at times dirty, making a GPS system that could handle stains and beatings was an essential element of this new technology.

Using these collars, pet owners can connect their GPS navigation systems to the satellite network and pick up the signal of their dog’s collar nearly anywhere on the planet. From there, it’s simply a matter of following the directions on the GPS navigation system to find the collar and barring extreme disaster, the dog along with it.

These devices may periodically need to be recharged while the dog is safely at home, but to make these devices logistically viable, they had to be extremely efficient with their energy use and oftentimes only activate on the command of a device controlled by the owner.

Buying the Right GPS

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Today there is GPS technology in so many products.

You might want to GPS device for going on hikes as described in the video above, or perhaps you need a GPS dash camera for your car.

There are even GPS collars for your dog, and various types of fitness trackers available.

The main advice is to read consumer reviews, and stick with a recommended company.